Managerial Accountant

The East Foundation team invites you to apply for its Managing Accountant position.  Duties include: 

  • Manage cattle inventory and performance indicators such as average daily gains, conception rates, weaning weights, etc.
  • Implement processes/reporting to assist ranch management with the improvement of forage quality and quantity.
  • Evaluate costs and implement accounting strategies to maximize profits and make strong financial decisions based on facts, figures and markets.
  • Study opportunities to expand current ranching enterprises, such as backgrounding or preconditioning yard, etc.
  • Assist in developing and monitoring operations and program budgets.
  • Perform other accounting duties as assigned.

The East Foundation supports wildlife conservation and other public benefits of ranching and private land stewardship.  Our charitable activities are operated as an integrated program of research, education and outreach in pursuit of our mission of supporting wildlife conservation on native rangelands.

The platform for our research and education efforts includes over 218,000 acres of South Texas rangeland, operated as six separate ranches in parts of Jim Hogg, Starr, Willacy and Kenedy Counties.

Profile Questions 

  1. How have you demonstrated your leadership skills in a team environment? Detail your communication skills, scope of role, your specific role, team players and personalities.
  2. Give examples how you have made procedural changes in an ag entity, preferably ranching, using accounting data and research, new technology or science.
  3. Describe your teamwork approach when working with many different people all trying to achieve the same mission. How have you demonstrated teamwork
  4. Describe your accounting skills related to a ranching enterprise.
  5. Describe your agriculture background, primarily your ranching knowledge.
  6. Why would you want to join our team?

To apply, click here and follow the link.