Range & Wildlife Biologist

The East Foundation team invites you to apply for its Range & Wildlife Biologist position.

Position Summary
The RWB will be responsible for project leadership, support, and management of high-profile, multifaceted projects, including coordination among research and management units, and implementation of rigorous data standards and standard operating procedures.  The successful applicant will contribute to the research, education, and outreach mission functions of the Foundation by demonstrating excellence in project management, support, and wildlife research and management.  The RWB will work closely with other EF and EFRL personnel to advance the Foundation’s mission, while supporting a cost-effective and sustainable ranching enterprise. 
South Texas base with travel throughout South Texas


The Organization
The mission of the East Foundation (EF) is to “support wildlife conservation and other public benefits of ranching and private land stewardship.  Our mission is achieved through research, education, and outreach.”

The Foundation owns more than 218,000 acres of South Texas rangeland.  Properties include the historic San Antonio Viejo Ranch near Hebbronville, and 5 additional properties located eastward to the Gulf Coast near Port Mansfield.  These lands, which are managed under the East Foundation Ranches LLC (EFRL), have remained rarely hunted and represent a substantial resource or “living laboratory” for research and education.  The Foundation is the sole owner of a cattle company with 4,000+ head; and sizeable endowment investments to support the perpetual development of the Foundation’s program.

The Opportunity
The Foundation’s Range & Wildlife Biologist (RWB) will play a key role in providing expertise related to wildlife research projects and wildlife management.  The RWB will deliver project management support, leadership and excellence, and ensure data quality.  This position will be field-oriented, with regular engagement with EF research partners EFRL personnel.  The Foundation’s combined financial and land resources create an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the integration of modern ranch and livestock management with rangeland and wildlife ecology.  The EF is building its capacity so to become a world-class research organization in its field.  Specifically, this position offers a unique and exciting opportunity for an extremely capable individual to advance the long-term wildlife management and research priorities of the EF.

For additional information on the East Foundation, see:  http://www.eastfoundation.net/


The RWB will be under the EF’s Chief Program Officer and Principal Scientist, who establishes priorities and administrative guidelines, and allocates resources for specific duties undertaken by the RWB.  This is an exempt position.  The RWB will function with some technical latitude in 1) developing approaches such that the objectives of projects are satisfied on time, 2) conducting assignments based on the short- and long-term needs of the EF and EFRL, and 3) managing allocated fiscal and human resources to accomplish objectives.  The RWB will be expected to exercise individual initiative and sound judgement in determining courses of action, work priorities, and operational needs.  However, regular communication with the supervisor and other EF and EFRL personnel is expected and encouraged.

The RWB will have major involvement with several aspects of a variety of vegetation, wildlife management, and other research projects.  Responsibilities will include: collaborating with EF staff, contractors, and partners (including university scientists, governmental organizations, and private landowners), working closely with other personnel (e.g., subordinates, temporaries, and students), and coordinating data acquisition activities of EF and EFRL personnel and contractors on specific projects.

Primary Responsibilities

 Project Leadership & Support (~50% of time)

  • Lead on-the-ground, logistical and data collection efforts for vegetation sampling related to a large (18,500 acre), high profile, long-term, and multifaceted grazing research and demonstration project.
  • Coordinate acquisition and manipulation of vegetation data collected throughout the project, ensuring data quality.
  • Prepare technical reports describing project progress and contribute to peer-reviewed publications and other outreach materials describing experimental procedures, results, and outcomes – all in a reliable, timely, and accurate fashion.
  • Serve and provide expertise from a “range & wildlife” perspective on a variety of EF and EFRL “teams”, such as vegetation management, infrastructure, etc.

Data Management & Support (~25% of time)

  • Collect and store records, documents, and data for range & wildlife research and management practices conducted by the EF.
  • Use data and databases to store, access, and manipulate range & wildlife metrics across multiple spatial and temporal scales.
  • Develop and implement data quality controls and standard operating procedures for EF range & wildlife research and management activities.
  • Contribute to the development of and enforce implementation of EF data standards.
  • Train seasonal field staff and clearly communicate to them data collection techniques and data standards.

Wildlife Management (~25% of time)

  • With minimal supervision, but in partnership with other entities, perform a variety of technical procedures on wildlife, including (but not limited to):
    • White-tailed deer captures
    • Exotic ungulate removal and harvests
    • Large mammal aerial surveys
    • Northern bobwhite aerial surveys
    • Various wildlife capture and handling procedures
  • Provide leadership for EF’s internship program and provide on-the-ground support and engagement in EF’s education and outreach events and functions.
  • Operate field and ranch equipment, and a variety of hand and power tools, ensuring a safe work environment and proper functioning of equipment.

Ideal Experience

  • Education: A M.S. degree (or an experienced B.S.) in an appropriate field of study (Rangeland Ecology, Wildlife Management [Ecology or Biology], Natural Resources; Range Science, or a closely related field).
  • Work Experience: A ranching background with experience in vegetation sampling and wildlife management.  An understanding of key issues related to wildlife, native rangelands, and cattle, and substantial knowledge of ranching and wildlife management in South Texas or lands with similar climate and challenges.
  • Skill in database utilization, including the use of quality control/assurance and data conversion procedures.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven ability to collaborate across projects, plans, and units; functioning as a highly productive team member throughout successful project completion.

Ideal Personal Profile

  • An individual who is highly organized, detail-oriented, self-directed, and resourceful, with the ability to take initiative and follow through on projects, producing reliable work products.
  • A strong interest in: 1) South Texas ranching and the interplay of wildlife, cattle, and native rangelands, and 2) providing such information to multiple stakeholders along a gradient of technical understanding.
  • A leader with a commitment to excellence and the energy, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking necessary to build EF’s reputation and accomplishments.

To Apply

Please send the following documents to cpavlicek@eastfoundation.net with “RWB” in the subject line:

  • Statement of interest describing background, pertinent experiences and interests, and accomplishments.
  • Resume or CV.
  • Contact information of 3 references.
  • Copy of college transcript(s) – official or unofficial.


Contact person:  Cindy Pavlicek, HR Manager, 210-455-3640, cpavlicek@eastfoundation.net.