Unit Foreman

The East Foundation team invites you to apply for its Unit Foreman position. 

This permanent, full-time position is located at the San Antonio Viejo Ranch however the area of responsibility encompasses all of the Foundation properties.  These properties extend across 217,000 acres of native range land in South Texas. The employee serves as a Unit Foreman with responsibility for feeding and caring for cattle, following a breeding calendar for herds, and overall supervision of their assigned cattle herds.  These duties include but are not limited to feeding cattle, putting out mineral, checking water, fixing water leaks, fixing fence, working & handling cattle, basic maintenance, and constant communication with management. This position will require independent working and the ability to make day to day decisions on their own, using strategy that will coincide with the overall management plan of each ranch.  The employee is under the supervision of the Director of Ranch Operations (Fritz Linney) through the Ranch Manager (Gilly Riojas).

Major Duties 

  1. Constant monitoring of mature cow herds. This will mean feeding the cattle within the guidelines provided by management. Provide communication on issues pertaining to cattle health and wellbeing and be the “eyes & ears” for management.
  2. Follow a predetermined calendar for cattle marking and branding dates, weaning dates, bull in & out dates, and other workings that might happen.
  3. Maintain pastures so that they are void of Remnant or Non-Inventoried cattle.
  4. Maintain an acceptable timetable in dealing with remnant cattle and cleaning up rotated cattle.
  5. Provide constant communication regarding what is needed for the cattle and make recommendations for future planning to make cattle workings or movements more efficient.
  6. Assist with cattle workings and movements throughout all ranch properties.

Position Requirements

The Unit Foreman will have experience in cattle handling, working cattle, feeding cattle, rotating cattle, and precondition cattle. This position requires complex knowledge on the handling of livestock and being able to communicate with management.  The employee should have good communication skills, work ethic and good common sense.  This position takes a strong work ethic, willingness to put in extra effort in performing duties and will require working in adverse weather conditions, work hours other than 8am to 5pm, with possible weekend work.  A high school education or equivalent is desirable but not required.  Three to five years of experience is preferred but a combination of education and experience may be substituted.

  1. In-depth knowledge and understanding of the mission and function of the Foundation, with broad knowledge and understanding of its Program.
  1. The ability to develop solutions to problems that involve cattle, cattle handling, and rotational grazing that impact Foundation properties.
  1. Working knowledge of the Foundation’s procurement policies and procedures.

Supervisory Controls 
The Unit Foreman works under the general supervision of the Director of Ranch Operations (Fritz Linney) through the Ranch Manager (Gilly Riojas), but works independently, receiving general information about new priorities and deadlines and changes in completing tasks.  The Unit Foreman draws upon knowledge and experience to resolve difficult situations, with assistance from the Ranch Manager or the Director of Ranch Operations.  The Unit Foreman is responsible for accuracy, soundness of judgment, and adherence to requirements and objectives.  Work is reviewed from overall standpoint to assure that major areas of concerns have been addressed.

Guidelines are provided in EF memoranda, policies, manuals, etc.  Guidelines are also available in the form of precedence established by EF.  Guidance for new and unusual situations will be provided by the Ranch Manager and/or Director of Ranch Operations.  The Unit Foreman exercises sound judgment in interpreting and applying guidelines and instructions.

The Unit Foreman performs a full range of duties requiring knowledge of cattle and cattle rotations.

The Unit Foreman is responsible for handling the day-to-day management of different cow and heifer herd as well as weaned calves in Casa Rojo.  Often the jobs are performed with short time frames, and priorities must be readjusted to meet changes in demands and/or changes in pending jobs. However the day to day scheduling will be handled by the Unit Foreman in coordination with the master calendar of East Foundation Ranches.

Scope and Effect
The purpose of the position is to provide the effective management, development and maintenance of the Foundation properties.  Accomplishment of the duties and responsibilities contributes directly to the mission of the EW and assures compliance with standard operating procedures.

Personal Contacts
Personal contacts are with Field Operation and East Foundation Ranches managers within the EF; other employees and field staff; and the general public.

Purpose of Contacts
The purpose of contacts is to exchange information, disseminate information, and to provide or receive advice.  Contacts are also made to detect and correct problems, persuading those contacted to check accuracy of information.

Physical Demands
The work is primarily physical, requiring sitting, standing and walking.  The work requires the ability to lift up to 80 pounds.

Work Environment
Work is performed in an out of doors setting involving everyday risk and discomfort.  Normal precautions are routinely required.  Occasional travel is required.

To Apply:

 Please send the following documents to cpavlicek@eastfoundation.net:

  • Statement of interest
  • Resume
  • Contact information for 3 professional references

Contact Info:

Cindy Pavlicek


(210) 455-3640 – direct