Timothy Garrett

Reticulate Collared Lizard Research

Timothy Garrett is working toward a Master of Science in the Wildlife and Fisheries department at Texas A&M University-College Station.  His research involves gaining insight into the activities of the grossly under studied Reticulate Collared Lizard.  With the use of radio telemetry and GPS locators, he hopes to gain a better understanding of what these lizards prefer for habitat as well the activities of these lizards during the day versus night.  He is also determining if the hybrid zone between C. reticulatus and C. collaris is effecting the populations of C. reticulatus on San Antonio Viejo Ranch with the use of standard genetic practices.

Timothy graduated from Texas A&M University with his Bachelor’s degree in 2014.  He currently lives in College Station with his Wife and Daughter.  He hopes to continue research on other herpetofauna after he graduates in December 2016.