Range and Wildlife Technician

Location: Based at San Antonio Viejo Ranch located in Jim Hogg County, Texas (45 minutes south of Hebbronville); potentially working on all Foundation properties throughout South Texas.

Salary: Compensation is $15 per hour and includes housing on the San Antonio Viejo Ranch.

This is a temporary position, not to exceed 40 hours per week, with no health or retirement benefits.

Start Date: September 13, 2023

End Date: November 21, 2023

Last Date to Apply: August 5, 2023

The start and end dates are flexible within one week of date listed and the East Foundation will assist successful applicants in any way to receive university credit for appropriate term(s).

Description: Technicians are expected to participate in the major facets of the Foundations research program (i.e., range research, wildlife research, and education). The goal of this position is to equip future natural resource managers or researchers with technical skills in vegetation survey methods, grassland plant identification, wildlife handling, sample collection for wildlife, data collection, and management, as well as equipment safety and navigation of field sites. We also hope to provide a background and understanding of the roles range and wildlife managers play in a large-scale working cattle operation. The East Foundation wildlife technicians will assist with:

  • Vegetation surveys for forage standing crop, vegetation composition, cover, and structure (50% of time)
    • Technicians will gain skills in plant identification, vegetation sampling methods, and stocking rate calculations based on available forage. In addition, interns will be taught basic GPS and GIS skills.
  • Deer captures and other wildlife-related activities etc. (40% of time)
    • Technicians will gain hands-on experience with live deer captures on five weekends from October through November.
    • Other potential opportunities include: bobwhite quail trapping, exotic harvest participation, and involvement in graduate student projects.
  • Education and outreach activities (10% of time)
    • Technicians will help the East Foundation education team with field lessons for school-age children focusing on range and wildlife conservation. This may include leading lessons or assisting in education.
  • If the opportunity presents itself, interns will gain skills in range or wildlife research project development, data collection, and data management

In addition to the duties described above: East Foundation technicians may be asked to assist with managing facilities, infrastructure, security, and service; and in administrative processes.

Qualifications: Juniors, seniors, or recent graduates (one to two years) in Wildlife and Range Management, Natural Resources, or related degree programs are encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate will be an honest, self-motivated person with a strong work ethic. Applicants should possess strong people skills, leadership qualities, and communication ability.

This position will require working long hours in adverse conditions and lifting objects greater than 50 lbs. Successful candidates must maintain a valid driver’s license. Applicants are subjected to background checks. Applicants must be able to use software such as Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, in addition to basic computer skills.

To Apply: Please send the following documents to cpavlicek@eastfoundation.net with "Range and Wildlife Technician" in the subject line:

  • A one to two page statement of interest – describe your background, pertinent experiences and interests, accomplishments, and how this internship will benefit you.
  • Full resume – include all skills and proficiencies, volunteer experience, and/or other accomplishments, as well as a list of at least three professional references.
  • A copy of your current college transcript. Applicants may submit an unofficial copy.

Valid Drivers License or State ID Required. Must Pass a Background Check.

Cindy Pavlicek, Chief of Staff