Unit Foreman

The Foundation’s Unit Foreman position will play a key role in providing expertise related to cattle research projects and management.  The Unit Foreman will deliver project management support, leadership and excellence, and ensure data quality.  This position will be field-oriented, with regular engagement with East Ranches LLC staff and research partners.  The Foundation’s combined financial and land resources create an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the integration of modern ranch and livestock management with rangeland and wildlife ecology.  The East Foundation is building its capacity to become a world-class research organization in its field.  Specifically, this position offers a unique and exciting opportunity for an extremely capable individual to advance a long-term cattle grazing research and demonstration project and to provide data management support to the East Ranches LLC.

San Antonio Viejo Ranch (35 miles south of Hebbronville) base
Travel throughout South Texas

Position Summary
The Unit Foreman will be responsible for the day to day operations for a 20,000-acre unit of the San Antonio Viejo Ranch. The Coloraditas Grazing Research and Demonstration Area (CGRDA) serves as a research and demonstration area for exploring the relationship among cattle grazing, rangeland conditions, and wildlife productivity. This position requires an individual to work closely with ranch staff as well as East Foundation’s rangeland ecologists and wildlife biologists.   The CGRDA Unit Foreman is responsible for the management and handling of the cattle herd in conjunction with EFR policies. They will also work hand in hand with Programs staff to analyze and interpret forage and wildlife data. The data that is collected from cattle metrics and forage and wildlife data will be presented both internally and externally. This position will require strong communication skills and the ability to work on several different projects simultaneously.
The CGRDA Unit Foreman will function with some technical latitude in 1) developing approaches such that the objectives of projects are satisfied on time, 2) conducting assignments based on the short- and long-term needs and priorities of the East Foundation and East Ranches LLC, and 3) managing allocated fiscal and human resources to accomplish objectives.  The Unit Foreman will be expected to exercise individual initiative and sound judgment in determining courses of action, work, priorities, and operational needs.
The CGDRA Unit Foreman will have major involvement with several aspects of a wide variety of cattle management and research projects.  Responsibilities will include collaborating with East Foundation staff, contractors, and partners (including university scientists, governmental organizations, and private landowners), working closely with other personnel (e.g., subordinates, temporaries, and students), and coordinating data acquisition activities of East Foundation personnel and contractors on specified projects.

Ideal Experience

  • Education: An undergraduate degree or degrees in an appropriate field of study (Agriculture, Animal Science, Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Wildlife Science, Natural Resources, Range Science, or a closely related field).
  • Work experience: A ranching background with experience in beef cattle production.  An understanding of key issues related to cattle, wildlife, and native rangelands, and substantial knowledge of ranching in South Texas or land with similar climate and challenges.
  • Skill in database utilization, including the use of quality assurance, database management, and data conversion procedures.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven ability to collaborate across projects plans and units, functioning as a highly productive team member throughout successful project completion.

Ideal Personal Profile

  • An individual who is highly organized, detail-oriented, self-directed, and resourceful, with the ability to take initiative and follow through on projects, producing reliable work products.
  • A strong interest in South Texas ranching and the interplay of cattle, wildlife, and native rangelands, and in providing information to multiple stakeholders along a range of technical understanding.
  • A leader with a commitment to excellence and the energy, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking necessary to build the Foundation’s reputation and accomplishments.

To Apply

Please send the following documents to cpavlicek@eastfoundation.net:

  • Statement of interest
  • Resume
  • Contact information for 3 professional references

Contact Person: Cindy Pavlicek, HR Manager, cpavlicek@eastfoundation.net.