Land Stewardship Lab

Our education program is multifaceted and takes place in the classroom, on the land, and in partnership with many organizations that are helping to lead the way in natural resource conservation education. We deliver programming, knowledge, and leadership skills to students in South Texas, including underserved communities, benefiting the region now and in the future.

East Foundation partners with the Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas to bring the East Foundation Land Stewardship Lab at the Witte campus to the 40,000 students that visit the museum each year. We are committed to expanding natural resource education opportunities across Texas by engaging in partnerships with organizations like the Witte Museum that value lifelong learning through programs and collections in natural history, science, and South Texas heritage.

The Land Stewardship Lab is a dedicated natural resource and land stewardship education classroom. It is a part of the Texas Wild exhibit, labs, and educational programs. Witte staff provide lessons in the lab to help students from around the state understand land stewardship principles, how they’re applicable in both urban and rural settings, and to think critically about how we care for the land. Through interactive experiences students learn how to be a voice for Texas lands.

For more information about the Witte Museum, the Texas Wild Gallery, and the East Foundation Land Stewardship Lab visit the Witte Museum website.