Gus T. Canales Lectureship on Prescribed Burning

July 31 - August 3, 2017 Kingsville

This four-day lectureship is designed to teach the participant the safe use of fire as a rangeland and wildlife habitat management tool.  It provides the formal training necessary to qualify the participant as a Certified Prescribed Burn Manager in the state of Texas.

WildLife 2017

July 13 - 16, 2017 San Antonio

The Texas Wildlife Association hosts its annual convention; WildLife 2017, at the J.W. Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa July 13-16, 2017.

TWA Private Lands Summit

July 13, 2017 San Antonio

Hosted by Texas Wildlife Association, the theme of this year's event is, "Understanding a Changing Texas" The event will feature an outstanding cast of speakers discussing a wide variety of topics including Why Texas is Changing, Eminent Domain, Landowner Liability, Landowner trends from a Realtor Perspective, Agrotourism Act, and the important role that private lands stewardship plays in the sustainability of these land-based products.

Wild Bird Conservation Curriculum Teacher Training Workshop

July 10 - 11, 2017 Kingsville, Texas

Workshops are open to any grade level teacher or educator interested in learning more about the bird conservation curriculum. The workshop is 2 days and involves the training on five lesson plans where participants are briefed on the purpose of the activity, the background, and procedure. Participants then perform the activity to ensure it is clear on what is expected from the students. Following each activity, the lesson is discussed and ideas/suggestions are shared within the group. The evaluation of the curriculum is strictly for 6th grade science teachers at the moment. If you are interested please contact Janel Ortiz at TAMUKBirdsGK12@gmail.com to get started! It is important that all program participants go through the training workshop to ensure they are prepared to conduct the activities in class and Janell will be there to help you along the way!