The East Foundation’s charitable activities are achieved through a coordinated program of research, education, rangeland management, and outreach in pursuit of our mission. The Foundation’s Program fully integrates these activities and uses its 216,000 acres of South Texas native rangeland as its platform for delivery. Our mission and purpose are reflected in our program priorities.

Conducting Research that Makes a Difference

We develop research programs that intentionally focus on those factors that most threaten the productivity of native rangelands. 

Improving University Programs

We engage with universities to develop changes in undergraduate experiences, graduate curricula, and faculty focus. 

Expanding Education Opportunities in South Texas

We deliver programming, knowledge, and leadership skills to the youth of South Texas, including under-served communities, benefiting the region now and in the future.

Leading Effective Outreach Efforts

We deliberately engage like-minded partners at the local, state, and national levels, allowing us to leverage existing resources, while sharing our research and successful education strategies, enhancing conservation around the state and across the nation.