Education in the Classroom

Our kids are disconnected from nature and wild things, and are without an appreciation of land stewardship, wildlife conservation, and ranching. The East Foundation views this as an opportunity – a responsibility, really – and conducts innovative education programs that help our kids gain a better understanding of how their natural world works, thus producing better citizens and ultimately better communities.

The East Foundation has partnered with the Texas Wildlife Association Foundation to deliver L.A.N.D.S. (Learning Across New Dimensions in Science) natural resource and outdoor education modules to science teacher’s classrooms throughout South Texas. Presently, the Foundation has used two of these modules, “Wildlife by Design” and “Discovery Trunks”.

Wildlife by Design is a tool in which custom lesson plans are designed based on the teacher’s requests and needs, and cover a specific ecological principle or wildlife topic.

From fall 2014 to spring 2016:

  • 148 Wildlife by Design presentations were made by the East Foundation across 111 elementary and middle schools in South Texas (see red dots)
  • A total of 19,615 students were reached through this tool

Discovery Trunks are filled with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills aligned, hands-on materials focusing on a variety of natural resource topics relevant to wildlife conservation.

From fall 2014 to spring 2016:

  • 161 Discovery Trunks were delivered to 99 elementary and middle schools in South Texas (see blue dots)
  • A total of 20,007 students were reached through these hands-on materials

The East Foundation’s work in the classroom delivers important messages that students otherwise would not be receiving and lays the groundwork for deeper engagement, which takes place outdoors on Foundation land.

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