Diurnal and Nocturnal Habitat use in Reticulate Collared Lizards (Crotaphytus Reticulatus)

Full Text October 2019

Timothy B. Garrett, Wade A. Ryberg, Connor S. Adams, Tyler A. Campbell, and Toby J. Hibbitts

Life in the thornscrub: movement, home range, and territoriality of the reticulate collared lizard (Crotaphytus reticulatus)

Full Text September 2019

Wade A. Ryberg, Timothy B. Garrett, Connor S. Adams, Tyler A. Campbell, Danielle K. Walkup, Timothy E. Johnson & Toby J. Hibbitts

Effects of broadcasting calls on detection probability in occupancy analyses of multiple raptor species

Full Text July 2019

Jeremy A. Baumgardt, Michael L. Morrison, Leonard A. Brennan, Tyler A. Campbell

Factors Affecting Nest Success and Predator Assemblage of Breeding Birds in Semiarid Grasslands

Full Text February 2019

Helen T. Davis, Ashley M. Long, Jeremy A. Baumgardt, Tyler A. Campbell, Michael L. Morrison

Development of Multispecies, Long-Term Monitoring Programs for Resource Management

Full Text January 2019

Jeremy A. Baumgardt, Michael L. Morrison, Leonard A. Brennan, Brian L. Pierce, Tyler A. Campbell


Summer activity patterns of four resident south Texas bat species

Full Text December 2018

Rachel R. Fern, Helen T. Davis, Jeremy A. Baumgardt, Michael L. Morrison, Tyler A. Campbell

Damage caused to rangelands by wild pig rooting activity is mitigated with intensive trapping

Full Text October 2018

Joshua A. Gaskamp, Kenneth L. Gee, Tyler A. Campbell, Nova J. Silvy and Stephen L. Webb

Nest defense behavior of Greater Roadrunners (Geococcyx californianus) in south Texas

Full Text September 2018

Helen T. Davis, Ashley M. Long, Tyler A. Campbell, and Michael L. Morrison

Suitability of NDVI and OSAVI as estimators of green biomass and coverage in a semi-arid rangeland

Full Text August 2018

Rachel R. Fern, Elliott A. Foxley, Andrea Bruno, Michael L. Morrison

Effects of prescribed burning on gulf cordgrass, Spartina spartinae (Trin.) Merr. ex Hitchc.

Full Text May 2018

Victoria L. Haynes, Jose S. Avila–Sanchez, Sandra Rideout–Hanzak, David B. Wester, J. Alfonso Ortega–S

Cactus Wren Nest Characteristics in South Texas

Full Text February 2018

Janel L. Ortiz and Angelica F. Arredondo


Ear Tag and PIT Tag Retention by White-tailed Deer

Full Text December 2017

Emily H. Belser, David G. Hewitt, Ryan L. Reitz, Kory R. Gann, John S. Lewis, Mickey W. Hellickson

Movement Patterns of Nilgai Antelope in South Texas: Implications for Cattle Fever Tick Management

Full Text August 2017

Aaron M. Foley, John A. Goolsby. Alfonso Ortega-S.Jr., J.Alfonso Ortega-S., A.Pérez de León, Nirbhay K.Singh, Andy Schwartz, Dee Ellis, David G. Hewitt, Tyler A.Campbell.

Comparative daily activity patterns of Nilgai, Boselaphus tragocamelus and white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus in South Texas

Full Text July 2017

Nirbhay K. Singh, John A. Goolsby, Alfonso Ortega-S., Jr., David G. Hewitt, Tyler A. Campbell and Adalberto Pérez de León

Assessing Passeriforme health in South Texas via select venous analytes

Full Text June 2017

J. Pistone, J.J. Heatley, T.A. Campbell, G. Voelker

Quantifying drivers of wild pig movement across multiple spatial and temporal scales

Full Text June 2017

Shannon L. Kay, Justin W. Fischer, Andrew J. Monaghan, James C. Beasley, Raoul Boughton, Tyler A. Campbell, Susan M. Cooper, Stephen S. Ditchkoff, Steve B. Hartley, John C. Kilgo, Samantha M. Wisely, A. Christy Wycoff, Kurt C. VerCauteren, and Kim M. Pepin

Comparison of Chemical Attractants against Dung Beetles and Application for Rangeland and Animal Health

Full Text June 2017

J. A. Goolsby, N. K. Singh, D. B. Thomas, A. Ortega-S. Jr, D. G. Hewitt, T. A. Campbell, and A. Perez de Leon

Comparison of Natural and Artificial Odor Lures for Nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus) and White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in South Texas: Developing Treatment for Cattle Fever Tick Eradication

Full Text May 2017

John A. Goolsby, Nirbhay K. Singh, Alfonso Ortega-S Jr., David G. Hewitt, Tyler A. Campbell, David Wester, Adalberto A. Perez de Leon

Use of Remote Cameras to Monitor the Potential Prevalence of Sarcoptic Mange in Southern Texas

Full Text April 2017

Kyle Brewster, Scott E. Henke, Clay Hilton, and Alfonso Ortega-S. Jr.

Neospora caninum in Axis Deer (Axis axis) and Fallow Deer (Dama dama) in Northern Mexico

Full Text January 2017

Jose R. De La Torre, Christian Bautista-Piña, J. Alfonso Ortega-S., Antonio Cantu-Covarruvias, Maria Genoveva Alvarez-Ojeda, Dora Romero-Salas, Scott E. Henke, Clayton D. Hilton, David G. Hewitt, Randy W. De Young, Tyler A. Campbell, and Fred C. Bryant


Trypanosome Species, Including Trypanosoma cruzi, in Sylvatic and Peridomestic Bats of Texas, USA

Full Text September 2016

Carolyn L. Hodo, Chloe C. Goodwin, Bonny C. Mayes, Jacqueline A. Mariscal, Kenneth A. Waldrup, Sarah A. Hamer

New Amphibian and Reptile County Records from the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas, USA

Full Text September 2016

Connor S. Adam, Toby J. Hibbits, Tyler A. Campbell

Genetic Differences in the Response to Landscape Fragmentation by a Habitat Generalist, the Bobcat, and a Habitat Specialist, the Ocelot

Full Text May 2016

Jan E. Janecka, Michael E. Tewes, Imogene A. Davis, Aaron M. Haines, Arturo Caso, Terry L. Blankenship, Rodney L. Honeycutt

Pseudorabies Virus and Brucella abortus from an Expanding Wild Pig (Sus scrofa) Population in Southern Oklahoma, USA

Full Text April 2016

Joshua A. Gaskamp, Kenneth L. Gee, Tyler A. Campbell, Nova J. Silvy, and Stephen L. Webb

Contact Heterogeneities in Feral Swine: Implications for Disease Management and Future Research

Full Text March 2016

Kim M. Pepin, Amy J. Davis, James Beasley, Raoul Boughton, Tyler Campbell, Susan M. Cooper, Wes Gaston, Steve Hartley, John C. Kilgo, Samantha M. Wisely, Christy Wyckoff, and Kurt C. VerCauteren

Effects of Depth and Duration of Burial on Tanglehead (Heteropogon contortus) Seed Viability and Germination in Southern Texas

Full Text March 2016

Joshua L. Grass, Aaron D. Tjelmeland, Forrest S. Smith, Scott L. Mitchell, Sandra Rideout-Hanzak, John Lloyd-Reilley, Shelly D. Maher, and David B. Wester


Responses of Female White-tailed Deer Home-Ranges to Increased Resource Availability

Full Text April 2015

Shawn M. Crimmins, John W. Edwards, Tyler A. Campbell, W. Mark Ford, Patrick D. Keyser, Brad F. Miller, and Karl V. Miller


Simulating Potential Population Growth of Wild Pig, Sus scrofa, in Texas

Full Text July 2014

Janell M. Mellish, Aaron Sumrall, Tyler A. Campbell, Bret A. Collier, William H. Neill, Billy Higginbotham, and Roel R. Lopez