Development of Multispecies, Long-Term Monitoring Programs for Resource Management

Author(s): Jeremy A. Baumgardt, Michael L. Morrison, Leonard A. Brennan, Brian L. Pierce, Tyler A. Campbell

Published: January 2019

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There is growing interest among resourcemanagers in implementing long-term wildlife monitoring. The process to develop such a program may seem daunting, however, because it requires determining the species, metrics, sampling methods, experimental design, and level of effort necessary to achieve the desired power for detecting meaningful changes. Failure to give these decisions proper attention often leads to suboptimal information for decisions and planning objectives. Our primary objectiveswere to develop alternative scenarios for a monitoring program, including power estimates and sampling effort required to detect population changes for small mammals on rangelands in southern Texas. Our secondary objective was to present a framework for developing customized monitoring programs for tracking wildlife populations over time.