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New Educational Journey Begins

Full Text September 2018

Kindra Gordon

Improving livestock distribution and utilization in gulf cordgrass with prescribed burning

Full Text August 2018

Tori Haynes, Silverio Avila- S, Poncho Ortega, David Wester, and Sandra Rideout-Hanzak

Ocelots on the Brink

Full Text August 2018

Henry Chappell

Nilgai Antelope in South Texas: Direct and Indirect Impacts on Cattle and White-tailed Deer

Full Text January 2018

Aaron Foley, Tim Fulbright, Alfonso Ortega-S., David Hewitt, Stacy Hines-Adams, and Alfonso Ortega-S., Jr


White-tailed Deer, Cattle, and Nilgai Sharing the Landscape

Full Text December 2017

Timothy E. Fulbright, J. Alfonso Ortega-S, David G. Hewitt, Thomas W. Boutton, Alfonso Ortega-S Jr.

Clinging to Survival in the Borderlands

Full Text September 2017

Michael Tewes

Season Of Burning And Large Mammal Usage Of Gulf Cordgrass

Full Text July 2017

Victoria Haynes, José Silverio Ávila-Sánchez, and Sandra Rideout-Hanzak

Grassland-Shrubland Bird Population Trends on East Foundation Ranches 2008-2015

Full Text June 2017

Maia L. Lipschutz, Thomas L. Langshield, David B. Wester, Leonard A. Brennan, and Tyler A. Campbell

Gambel’s Quail in Texas: Biology and Managment

Full Text April 2017

Ryan S. Luna, Richard S. Temple, Michael R. Sullins, Louis A. Harveson, Robert Perez, Alfonso Ortega-Sanchez, Michael T. Gray


Diversifying the Field of Natural Resources

Full Text November 2016

Maria F. ‘Masi’ Mejia


Behind the Gates of the East Foundation

Full Text May 2015

Lorie Woodward Cantu