Summer Activity Patterns of Four Resident South Texas Bat Species

Full Text December 2018

Rachel R. Fern, Helen T. Davis, Jeremy A. Baumgardt, Michael L. Morrison, and Tyler A. Campbell

Wildlife Monitoring

Damage Caused to Rangelands by Wild Pig Rooting Activity is Mitigated with Intensive Trapping

Full Text October 2018

Joshua A. Gaskamp, Kenneth L. Gee, Tyler A. Campbell, Nova J. Silvy, and Stephen L. Webb

Wildlife Monitoring

Nest Defense Behavior of Greater Roadrunners (Geococcyx californianus) in South Texas

Full Text September 2018

Helen T. Davis, Ashley M. Long, Tyler A. Campbell, and Michael L. Morrison

Wildlife Monitoring

Effects of Prescribed Burning on Gulf Cordgrass, Spartina spartinae (Trin.) Merr. ex Hitchc.

Full Text May 2018

Victoria L. Haynes, José S. Ávila Sánchez, Sandra Rideout–Hanzak, David B. Wester, and J. Alfonso Ortega–S.

Seasonal Burning on El Sauz

Cactus Wren Nest Characteristics in South Texas

Full Text February 2018

Janel L. Ortiz and Angelica F. Arredondo

Wildlife Monitoring