Amanda Beckman

Wildlife Monitoring

Amanda Beckman is pursuing her PhD in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program at Texas A&M University-College Station. She is co-advised by Dr. Michael Morrison and Dr. Gil Rosenthal. Her research interests include the behavior and ecology of Wild Turkeys where she hopes to gain a better understanding of the habitat needs of Wild Turkeys and how cattle may influence habitat choices. She also wants to investigate the unique social and mating system of Wild Turkeys.

Originally from a small city near Tampa, Florida, she completed her B.S. in Biology at Florida State University. Her undergraduate research focused on social interactions of male Lance-tailed Manakins, a tropical bird located in Panama. Since arriving in Texas, she has completed a project studying why Great-tailed Grackle could be roosting in well-lit parking lots. In the future she hopes to become a professor at a research university where she can continue pursuing research and extension.