Carmen J. Rocha, Jr.

Ranch Hand

Carmen Rocha, Jr. is one half of a father and son team that runs the Santa Rosa Ranch. Originally from the village of Carranco, in the municipality of Villa de Reyes, in the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, his father brought him to work for the East Family. In 1984, Carmen Jr. fell in love with his 5th grade teacher, but when he found out that his teacher was getting married, he decided to leave school and begin working. His father made the decision that he would join him in working for the East Family at the young age of 12.

Carmen and his father have worked together at all of the East properties, looking over the ranches, building fences, and doing construction as needed. They even worked in the Palo Blanco Ranch when the East Family leased it for grazing. Currently, they live on the Santa Rosa, where they have been since Robert East first began running cattle there.

Carmen Jr. has six children and three grandchildren.