Domingo Pitones


Domingo Pitones started working for the East family at the Mula Ranch when he was 17 years old. Several people from his village were returning to work there, so he followed. He moved to the San Antonio Viejo in 1984, and worked for many years on fences, windmills, and helped make the rounds of checking on water and mineral for the cattle.

In 1990 Domingo left the Mula ranch and headed north with some of his family members. He went to Dallas and worked for a construction company. Then, he traveled throughout the southeast laboring and operating equipment for vegetable farmers. By 2008, Domingo was looking for a quieter life and to move closer to his family. He came back to the San Antonio Viejo, where he still works today.

Currently, Domingo works cattle, works on water wells, and runs tractors for the East Ranches. He has extended family all over the great state of Texas, and his wife and six children live in Mexico.