Elisa Velador

Texas Wildlife Foundation L.A.N.D.S. Educator

Elisa Velador is a L.A.N.D.S. Educator for Texas Wildlife Association in partnership with East Foundation. She currently brings natural resource education to the students and teachers of the Rio Grande Valley area with a focus on Cameron, Willacy, Hidalgo, Starr, and Kenedy Counties.

As a Brownsville, Texas native, Elisa has always enjoyed spending time in the many natural areas of South Texas observing wildlife. This appreciation for nature led her to pursue Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Biology from the University of Texas at Brownsville. Understanding the interdependence between nature and people allowed her to realize the importance of the conservation of Texas’ natural resources especially on private land.

During her eight years of teaching high school science, Elisa always made sure to incorporate nature into the classroom, whether it was bringing in critters from land and sea or simply meeting students for a hike through the one of the many Rio Grande Valley nature centers. It was from these experiences that Elisa grew to love teaching others, especially children, about our sometimes little known Texas biodiversity and its importance.

Elisa’s hope for the future is for her children to have the same opportunity to experience and appreciate nature as she did. Clean rivers, healthy land and an abundance of wildlife to observe and enjoy are some of the things that Elisa hopes are available to everyone in the future. By reaching out to today’s youth and teaching them the importance of private land stewardship she is confident that many generations will benefit from Texas’ natural resources.