Martin Huerta

Fence Builder

Martin Huerta has worked for the East Ranches since 2009, but his family’s ties to the East Family go way back to Martin’s father, Juliano Huerta. Juliano worked for the East Family for many years on the windmill crew and fence crew. His cousin, Alfonso Huerta, currently works at El Sauz. Martin has five children, two boys and three girls who all live in Mexico.

Martin was born 1968 in Carancha, Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosi. He grew up in Mexico with his ten siblings, six brothers and four sisters. When he was 18, Martin came to the United States and worked on the East Ranches for a short period of time, mainly assisting with windmills and fence work. After a few years he decided to look for other work and traveled around Texas and the Southeast working as a farm laborer and a construction worker.

In 2009, Martin decided to come back to the East Ranches. He is a part of both the windmill crew and fence crew and primarily works on projects on the San Antonio Viejo Ranch. Martin likes the quiet and calm of working on the ranch compared to other places, and feels happy to work with people who knew and worked with his father.