Raymundo Lopez

Fence Builder

Raymundo “Mundo” Lopez has been working for the East Ranch for 35 years. Primarily he has worked on the fence crew, and for the last several years has been the leader of that crew. Mundo first came to work for the East Family in 1978 when he was 16 years old. He immediately went to work at Buena Vista where he lived for the first 8 years. In the time that he has worked for the family, Mundo has lived and worked at every East Property.

Mundo came to the East Ranches from a small village outside of San Luis Potosi. He made the decision to come to the ranch because several members of his family were already working for the East Family. His uncle, Aurelio, was previously on the windmill crew, and his brother, Pablo, currently works on the windmill crew. Mundo has seven children, and five grandchildren who live in Mexico.

Over his tenure Mundo has worked on the fence crew, windmill crew, and has cleared brush. It is due to his great attention to detail and his hard work that he is the leader of the fencing crew. Although he does not search for recognition for his work, Mundo always gets the job done. He is a real asset to the ranch because he always makes sure his work, and his crew’s work is done correctly. The good news is, Mundo is only 51 and says he looks forward to working another 35 years for the Ranch.