Genetic Population Structure of Wild Pigs in Southern Texas

Full Text January 2021

Johanna Delgado-Acevedo, Angeline Zamorano, Randy W. DeYoung, and Tyler A. Campbell

Wildlife Monitoring

Mark‐Recapture Distance Sampling for Aerial Surveys of Ungulates on Rangelands

Full Text December 2020

Mary K. Peterson, Aaron M. Foley, Andrew N. Tri, David G. Hewitt, Randy W. DeYoung, Charles A. DeYoung, and Tyler A. Campbell

Population Parameters in White-tailed Deer

Management Bulletin No. 5: Patch Burning as a Management Tool for Coastal Rangelands in South Texas

Full Text December 2020

J. Silverio Avila-S., Victoria L. Haynes, Sandra Rideout-Hanzak, David B. Wester, Alfonso Ortega-S., Humberto L. Perotto-Baldivieso, and Landon R. Schofield

Seasonal Burning on El Sauz

Riojas-Herrin Press Release

Full Text December 2020

James Powell