East Foundation builds future leaders through programs that introduce students to land stewardship. When it comes to education, we recognize the value of spreading the message of natural resource conservation in schools far and wide and work hard to bring students on our ranches so they can see firsthand the value of land stewardship. Our education program is multifaceted and takes place in the classroom, on the land, and in partnership with many organizations that are helping to lead the way in natural resource conservation education. We deliver programming, knowledge, and leadership skills to students in south Texas, including undeserved communities, benefiting the region now and in the future.

Teachers can take advantage of our Virtual Field Lessons and Wildlife by Design programs to get our educators in their classrooms, virtually or in-person. Each year we also give a 10-week course for high school students, our Land Stewardship Ambassadors program, where students are immersed in various topics related to natural resources. We are committed to promoting the advancement of land stewardship. Providing future generations with the tools to make educated decisions regarding our natural resources helps to conserve the land and the life that depends on it.

At San Antonio Viejo and El Sauz, students and teachers participate in our Field Lessons and Behind the Gates. The lessons provided at El Sauz received a major upgrade in 2022. Our new Elliff-El Sauz Education Facility now features seven education pavilions, walking trails, and supporting utilities tailor-made for our immersive learning experiences on the ranch. The Elliff-El Sauz Education Facility was proudly sponsored by the donors below.