Forb Standing Crop Response to Grazing and Precipitation

Author(s): Timothy E. Fulbright, Dillan J. Drabek, Jose A. Ortega-S., Stacy L. Hines, Ramon Saenz III, Tyler A. Campbell, David G. Hewitt, David B. Wester
Published: September 2021

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Reducing grass standing crop by grazing may increase forbs and benefit wildlife that depend on forbs. However, precipitation and soil texture also strongly influence forb standing crop. We determined if standing crop of forbs selected by white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus Zimm.) is more strongly influenced by grazing or precipitation.

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Fulbright, T.E.,  D.J. Drabek, J.A. Ortega-S., S.L. Hines, R. Saenz III, T.A. Campbell, D.G. Hewitt, and D.B. Wester. (2021) Forb standing crop response to grazing and precipitation. Rangeland Ecology & Management, 79, 175-185.

White-tailed Deer Nilgai and Cattle Grazing Interactions