Animal Use of Fence Crossings in Southwestern Rangelands

Author(s): Lisa D. Zoromski, Randy W. DeYoung, John A. Goolsby, Aaron M. Foley, Jose A. Ortega-Santos, David G. Hewitt, and Tyler A. Campbell
Published: October 2022

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Net-wire fencing built to confine livestock is common on rangelands in the Southwestern USA, yet the impacts of livestock fencing on wildlife are largely unknown. Many wildlife species cross beneath fences at defined crossing locations because they prefer to crawl underneath rather than jump over fences. We monitored 20 randomly selected fence crossings on net-wire livestock fencing across two study sites on rangelands in South Texas, USA, from April 2018 to March 2019.

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Zoromski, L. D.,  R. W. DeYoung, J. A. Goolsby, A. M. Foley, J. A. Ortega-Santos, D. G. Hewitt, and T. A. Campbell. 2022. “Animal Use of Fence Crossings in Southwestern Rangelands.” Ecology and Evolution. 2022(12): e9376.

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