First Photographic Record of Albinism in Baiomys taylori (Rodentia: Cricetidae)

Author(s): Ari A. Rice, Madison T. Nadler, Isaac T. Grosner, Moed Gerveni, Logan K. Parr, Andrea Montalvo, and Michael L. Morrison
Published: January 2022

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Cases of albinism have been reported in less than 2% of living rodent species. Here, we report the first description of complete albinism in Baiomys taylori along with photographic evidence. This adult female was captured on three occasions as part of a long-term small mammal study on rangelands of extreme southern Texas. The individual was developing teats upon the third capture, an early sign of pregnancy. Despite selective pressures against albino phenotypes, this animal was able to survive to adulthood and potentially pass its albino alleles to offspring.

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Rice, A. A.,  M. T. Nadler, I. T. Grosner, M. Gerveni, L. K. Parr, A. Montalvo, and M. L. Morrison. (2022) First photographic record of albinism in Baiomys
taylori (Rodentia: Cricetidae). Mammalia.

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