Ecogeographic Variation in Physical Traits of White-Tailed Deer

Author(s): Seth T. Rankins, Randy W. DeYoung, David B. Wester, Aaron M. Foley, J. Alfonso Ortega-S., Timothy E. Fulbright, David S. Hewitt, Landon R. Schofield, and Tyler A. Campbell
Published: January 2023

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A growing body of work has revealed that differences in body size of ungulates follow ecoregion and soil boundaries and that these size differences are nutritionally influenced. Currently. it is unclear if these patterns of body size result from differences in quantity or quality of forage produced. We quantified differences in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus Zimm.) body mass and antler size captured at four sites in South Texas.

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Rankins, S. T., R. W. DeYoung, D. B. Wester, A. M. Foley, J. A. Ortega-S., T. E. Fulbright, D. S. Hewitt, L. R. Schofield, and T. A. Campbell. 2023. Ecogeographic Variation in Physical Traits of White-Tailed Deer. Rangeland Ecology & Management, 37, 185-197. 

Population Parameters in White-tailed Deer