Extreme Weather Impacts on Butterfly Populations in Southern Texas, USA

Author(s): Rebecca R. Zerlin, Juan C. Elissetche, Tyler A. Campbell, Richard J. Patrock, David B. Wester, and Sandra Rideout‑Hanzak
Published: October 2023

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Climate change is altering biodiversity of ecosystems worldwide by causing shifts in species’ home ranges, potential extinctions of species, and Extreme Climatic Events, such as hurricanes and extreme temperatures. The purpose of this study was to examine effects of two extreme weather events on butterfly populations in the Gulf Prairies and Marshes ecoregion in Willacy and Kenedy Counties, TX, USA.

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Zerlin, R.R., J.C. Elissetche, T.A. Campbell, R.J. Patrock, D.B. Wester, and S. Rideout-Hanzak. 2023. Extreme weather impacts on butterfly populations in southern Texas, USA. Journal of Insect Conservation https://doi.org/10.1007/s10841-023-00525-4 (East Foundation Manuscript 93)

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