Author(s): Maksim Sergeyev, Evan P. Tanner, Michael J. Cherry, Jason V. Lombardi, Michael E. Tewes, and Tyler A. Campbell
Published: November 2023

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As two species at the edges of their northern and southern distributions, respectively, ocelots and bobcats may face unique pressure compared to individuals in more central portions of their range. Our objective was to describe the selection of thermal cover by ocelots and bobcats to examine whether partitioning of thermal resources was occurring or if this was a source of potential interspecific competition.

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Sergeyev, M., E.P. Tanner, M.J. Cherry, J.V. Lombardi, M.E. Tewes, and T.A. Campbell. 2023. Influence of abiotic factors on habitat selection of sympatric ocelots and bobcats: testing the interactive range limit theory. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 11:1166184. (East Foundation Manuscript 094)

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