Relationships Between Plant Species Richness and Grazing Intensity in a Semiarid Ecosystem

Author(s): Timothy E. Fulbright, J. Alfonso Ortega-Santos, Stacy L. Hines, Dillan J. Drabek, Ramon Saenz III, Tyler A. Campbell, David G. Hewitt, and David B. Wester
Published: November 2023

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Plant species richness is an important property of ecosystems that is altered by grazing. In a semiarid environment, we tested the hypothesis that small-scaled herbaceous plant species richness declines linearly with increasing grazing intensity by large ungulates, precipitation and percent sand interact with grazing intensity, and response of herbaceous plant species richness to increasing intensity of ungulate grazing varies with patch productivity.

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Fulbright, T.E., J.A. Ortega-Santos, S.L. Hines, D.J. Drabek, R. Saenz, III, T.A. Campbell, D.G. Hewitt, and D.B. Wester.  2023.  Relationships between plant species richness and grazing intensity in a semiarid ecosystem. Ecology and Evolution (East Foundation Manuscript 89)

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