Stocking Density Influences Predominantly Blue Grama Pasture Mass and Animal Performance

Author(s): Leonard M. Lauriault , Eric J. Scholljegerdes, and Jason E. Sawyer
Published: October 2023

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The optimum grazing management practices to sustain or increase grassland resilience must be determined. The effects of the current and previous year’s stocking densities at the same stocking rate of yearling heifers grazing predominately blue grama pastures on animal gains and pasture mass during the growing season were evaluated at New Mexico State University’s Rex E. Kirksey Agricultural Science Center at Tucumcari, NM USA, over three years.

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Lauriault, L.M., E.J. Scholljegerdes, and J.E. Sawyer.  2023.  Stocking density influences predominantly blue grama pasture mass and animal performance.  Grasses 2:142–155.

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