Board & Advisors

Board of Directors

East Foundation’s Board of Directors are senior-level leaders that hold a deep understanding of cattle ranching, land management, wildlife conservation, business, and management. They provide oversight, direction, and advice to the Foundation’s leadership team. They understand the legacy of ranching in South Texas and the Foundation’s importance in contributing to the future of science and education.

Dick Evans Former CEO & Chairman of Frost Bank
Dan Kinsel III Owner of Dan Kinsel III Ranch Broker, LLC
Tio Kleberg King Ranch Board of Directors
Bryan Wagner President & Owner of Wagner Oil Company


Professional Advisors Group

East Foundation’s Professional Advisors are experts in wildlife management, rangeland ecology, ranch management, livestock management, and veterinary science. They are responsible for advising the Foundation’s managers and scientists on the content and direction of Foundation’s research, education, and outreach efforts.

David Hewitt, PhD Executive Director of the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute
Clay Hilton, DVM Professor & Endowed Director of Veterinary Technology at Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Tio Kleberg King Ranch Board of Directors
Roel Lopez, PhD Director of the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute
Rick Machen, PhD Professor & Endowed Chair in Ranch Management at King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management
Clay Mathis, PhD Director & Endowed Chair of King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management
Fred Bryant, PhD Emeritus
Lynn Drawe, PhD Emeritus
Lisa Flowers, PhD Emeritus


Investment Committee

East Foundation’s Investment Committee are distinguished investment and finance professionals. They are responsible for the policy governing the management of the Foundation’s investment portfolio and monitor the progress of the Foundation’s long-term investment objectives.

Liz Crawford CEO of Sendero
Dick Evans Former CEO & Chairman of Frost Bank
Harry Flavin Years of Service 2015 - 2022
Phil Plant Partner in Herndon Plant Oakley Ltd. & Manager of Springwater Advisors, LLC