Our Land

With over 217,000 acres of native rangeland, East Foundation has one of the largest ranch holdings in Texas. Our six separate ranches are in parts of Jim Hogg, Kenedy, Starr, and Willacy counties. East Foundation headquarters are located on the historic San Antonio Viejo, situated across southern Jim Hogg and northern Starr counties.

The ranchlands owned by the East Foundation were acquired by the East family across a period of about one hundred years. They ranched mainly on lands across the Wild Horse Desert, a region known also as the South Texas Sand Sheet and the Coastal Sand Plains.

The East family used their ranchlands for both wildlife conservation and raising cattle. Traditionally maintained as native rangeland and working cattle ranches, we continue their legacy by using our lands as a working laboratory where scientists and managers work together to address issues important to wildlife management, rangeland health, and ranch productivity.