Our Team

Neal Wilkins, PhD

President & CEO

Isha Anes

Administrative Assistant

Allie Biedenharn

GIS Specialist

Tina Buford

Director of Education

Alain Campbell

Unit Foreman

Tyler Campbell, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Janie Contreras

Administrative Assistant

Trey Dyer

Director of Land & Fixed Assets

Margarita DeLeon

Financial Accountant

Molli Foxley

Assistant Livestock Manager

Carrie Gomez


Rafael Guerra

Facilities Maintenance & Groundskeeper

Jason Haynes

Service Manager

Maria Hernandez

Outreach & Events Coordinator

Zane Herrin

Cattle Operations Manager

Alfonso Huerta

Ranch Hand

Martin Huerta

Fence Builder

Chris Huff

Director of Field Operations & Security Management

Itzely Lee

Office Assistant

Martin Lopez

Heavy Machine Operator

Pablo Lopez

Windmill Repairman

Raymundo Lopez

Fence Builder

Masi Mejia


Andrea Montalvo, PhD

Research Scientist

Veronica Paredez

Director of Investments

Cindy Pavlicek

Manager of HR & Administrative Services

James Powell

Director of Communications

Nicolas Rangel, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Gilly Riojas

Ranch General Manager

Matt Robinson

Security Manager

Kristine Robb

Archivist & Records Manager

Carmen Rocha, Jr.

Ranch Hand

Ignacio Rocha


Vicky Rodriguez


Cesar Salinas

Unit Foreman

Jason Sawyer, PhD

KRIRM Associate Professor & Research Scientist

Landon Schofield

Range & Wildlife Biologist

Todd Snelgrove

Chief Operating Officer

Sergio Vásquez

Fleet Mechanic

Elisa Velador

Texas Wildlife Foundation L.A.N.D.S. Educator