San Antonio Viejo Behind the Gates

Our education program is multifaceted and takes place in the classroom, on the land, and in partnership with many organizations that are helping to lead the way in natural resource conservation education. We deliver programming, knowledge, and leadership skills to students in South Texas, including underserved communities, benefiting the region now and in the future.

Behind the Gates is a unique opportunity for the East Foundation’s education staff to bring students from a select group of schools out for a day-long learning experiences on one of the East Foundation ranches. The interactive, Science TEKS-aligned lessons presented at Behind the Gates encourage students to connect with the natural world while participating in first-hand, outdoor learning experiences.

Every fall, for our Behind the Gates event, we bring over 1,500 eighth grade students and their teachers from Brooks, Duval, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg, Jim Wells, Kleberg, Starr, Webb, and Zapata counties to San Antonio Viejo.

Students rotate through stations that include topics in native wildlife of Texas, endangered species conservation, proper land management and its impact on water quality, cattle management, the settlement history of South Texas lands, and various technologies used in ranching.

For more information contact our education staff at Click the links for a sample agenda and information packet or a sample learning booklet for Behind the Gates at San Antonio Viejo.