Accuracies and Biases of Ageing White-tailed Deer in Semiarid Environments

Author(s): Aaron M. Foley, John S. Lewis, Oscar Cortez, Mickey W. Hellickson, David G. Hewitt, Randy W. DeYoung, Charles A. DeYoung, and Matthew J. Schnupp
Published: February 2022

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The ability to accurately estimate age of animals is important for both research and management. The two methods for age estimation in ungulates are tooth replacement and wear (TRW) and cementum annuli (CA). Errors in estimated TRW ages are commonly attributed to environmental conditions; however, the influence of environmental variables on tooth wear has not been quantified. Further, the performance of CA in environments with weak seasonality has not been thoroughly evaluated.

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Foley, A. M., J. S. Lewis, O. Cortez, M. W. Hellickson, D. G. Hewitt, R. W. DeYoung, C. A. DeYoung, and M. J. Schnupp. (2022) Accuracies and biases of ageing white-tailed deer in semiarid environments. Wildlife Research.

Population Parameters in White-tailed Deer