We do what's right for the land and the life that depends on it.

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East Foundation promotes the advancement of land stewardship through ranching, science, and education.

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In keeping with the East family’s wishes, our team ensures that ranching and wildlife management work together to conserve healthy rangelands.

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Our Land

Our land is a working laboratory where scientists and managers work together to address issues important to wildlife management, rangeland health, and ranch productivity.

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We promote the advancement of land stewardship through
ranching, science, and education.

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2022 Presentation and Publication Report

This is a listing of East Foundation’s 2022 Presentations and Publications. Our goal is to understand and improve the productivity of native rangelands for both wildlife conservation and livestock production. Working with our partners, we conduct research on our lands to generate science-based solutions that help ranchers conserve wildlife habitats while sustaining livestock production. These presentations and publications are just some of the ways we showcase our work to achieve these goals.


Regional Copper Deficiency in White-Tailed Deer

Minerals are critical in maintaining health and physiological function in wildlife. Geographic variation in soil and forage mineral concentration may predispose wildlife to mineral imbalances, where a common symptom is restricted somatic growth. We investigated if mineral imbalances could explain localized differences in morphology of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) occurring in geographically proximate sites with similar management, climate, and habitat.


Effects of Helicopter Net Gunning on the Survival and Movement Behaviour of Nilgai Antelope

Research on large, terrestrial mammals often requires physical captures to attach tags or collars, collect morphological data, and collect biological samples. Choice of capture method should minimise pain and distress to the animal, minimise risk to personnel, and consider whether the method can achieve study objectives without biasing results.

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