We do what's right for the land and the life that depends on it.

Our Story

East Foundation promotes the advancement of land stewardship through ranching, science, and education.

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Our Team

In keeping with the East family’s wishes, our team ensures that ranching and wildlife management work together to conserve healthy rangelands.

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Our Land

Our land is a working laboratory where scientists and managers work together to address issues important to wildlife management, rangeland health, and ranch productivity.

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We promote the advancement of land stewardship through
ranching, science, and education.

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2021 East Foundation Annual

What have we been up to over the last year? Check out our new annual publication the 2021 East Foundation Annual to find out about how we're impacting ranching, science, and education in South Texas and beyond! 


Easteños: True Cowboys of the Wild Horse Desert Press Announcement

The short film, Easteños: True Cowboys of the Wild Horse Desert, tells the story of brothers and cowboys Timo and Miguel Rodriguez. As part of a collaborative series with Desert Door Texas Sotol and Ocotillo films, this film highlights the cowboy’s connection to the land and explores what it means to be a true cowboy.


Variation in Herpetofauna Detection Probabilities: Implications for Study Design

Population monitoring is fundamental for informing management decisions aimed at reducing the rapid rate of global biodiversity decline. Herpetofauna are experiencing declines worldwide and include species that are challenging to monitor. Raw counts and associated metrics such as richness indices are common for monitoring populations of herpetofauna; however, these methods are susceptible to bias as they fail to account for varying detection probabilities. Our goal was to develop a program for efficiently monitoring herpetofauna in southern Texas.

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