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Comparative Microbiome Analysis of Beef Cattle, the Feedyard Environment, and Airborne Particulate Matter

Intensive beef cattle production systems are frequently implicated as a source of bacteria that can be transferred to nearby humans and animals via effluent water, manure used as fertilizer, or airborne particulate
matter. It is crucial to understand microbial population dynamics due to manure pack desiccation, antibiotic usage, and antibiotic alternatives within beef cattle and their associated feedyard environment.


From Sierra - Ocelots Find an Unlikely Haven in South Texas

A thick humidity lingers during most seasons in South Texas. Spiny hackberry, blackbrush, and other thorny plants create dense walls of vegetation. The Texas sun shines often, dousing the hundreds of thousands of acres of ranchland in near-white light. But upon closer look, one might catch a flash of a golden fur coat, spotted with black blotches and bands or big, luminous eyes peeking between a thicket of shrubland. These wild cats are ocelots—and they’re among the only two small populations remaining in the entire nation.


Ocelots in the Moonlight: Influence of Lunar Phase on Habitat Selection and Movement of Two Sympatric Species

Various landscape and environmental factors influence animal movement and habitat selection.
Lunar illumination affects nocturnal visual perception of many species and, consequently, may influence animal activity and habitat selection.

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