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Multiscale Assessment of Habitat Selection and Avoidance of Sympatric Carnivores by the Endangered Ocelot

Habitat selection by animals is a complex, dynamic process that can vary across spatial and temporal
scales. Understanding habitat selection is a vital component of managing endangered species. Ocelots
(Leopardus pardalis), a medium-sized endangered felid, overlap in their northern range with bobcats
(Lynx rufus) and coyotes (Canis latrans), with all three species sharing similar space and resource use.
As the potential for competition between these three carnivores is high, understanding differences in
habitat use and the effect of these potential competitors on habitat selection of ocelots is essential
to conservation. Our objective was to compare habitat selection between species and examine
if ocelots avoided areas used by competitors at broad and fine scales.


May 2023 Newsletter

In this issue of our newsletter, read about how "the land belongs to the future" and how we're rebranding our Behind the Gates education program and all the great opportunities we support and provide for students in South Texas and beyond.


East Foundation Earns ARO Status

In late 2022, East Foundation was designated the nation’s first agriculture research organization (ARO). Established by Congress in 2015 to ease some of the regulations on ag-oriented nonprofits, AROs engage in continuous active research with the goal of benefiting long-term agricultural producers such as farmers and ranchers.

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