Allie Kohler

Wildlife Monitoring

Allie Kohler is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Wildlife Science at Texas A&M University-College Station under the direction of Dr. Michael Morrison. In a small, forested town on Lake Superior, where the wilderness was her classroom, she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree. Due to her passions for nature and the environment, she pursued a double major in Biology and Natural Resources with emphasis in ecological restoration at Northland College. She has completed research on a variety of projects based in Northern Wisconsin. Some of her favorite studies have been about factors affecting recruitment of the American kestrel, nocturnal communication of flying squirrels, and biodiversity of small mammals and the American marten across the Apostle Islands. With the East Foundation, Allie will be researching small mammal and avian communities and their habitats. Upon completion of her education, Allie hopes to make the world a better place for all creatures by pursuing a career in wildlife research and conservation in the state, federal or private sector.