Kendall  Bancroft

Kendall Bancroft

Population Parameters in White-tailed Deer

Kendall Bancroft is pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Range and Wildlife Management at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute at Texas A&M University – Kingsville. She is co-advised by Dr. Michael Cherry and Dr. Alynn Martin. Her research will include studying presence and physiological and behavioral impacts of zoonotic disease in white-tailed deer. Specifically, Kendall will be investigating how diseases such as toxoplasmosis influence movement and space use.

In 2022, Kendall received a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Resources from the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. During her studies and before moving to Texas, she worked in several states as a technician for federal and state agencies working with species such Mexican wolves, pygmy rabbits, waterfowl, and big game. Kendall is broadly interested in wildlife adaptations to pressures and management implications.