Secondhand Homes: The Multilayered Influence of Woodpeckers as Ecosystem Engineers

Author(s): Faith O. Hardin, Samantha Leivers, Jacquelyn K. Grace, Zachary Hancock, Tyler Campbell, Brian Pierce, and Michael L. Morrison
Published: July 2021

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Ecosystem engineers alter, and can be influenced in turn by, the ecosystems they live in. Woodpeckers choose foraging and nesting sites based, in part, on food availability. This study examined factors that influence the nesting success of primary cavity nesters and the subsequent impact on secondary cavity-nesting birds.

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Hardin, F.O., S. Leivers, J. K. Grace, Z. Hancock, T. Campbell, B. Pierce, and M.L. Morrison.(2021). Secondhand homes: The multilayered influence of woodpeckers as ecosystem engineers. Ecology and Evolution 11(11425-11439):

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