Evaluating the Harvest Rate Recommendation for Northern Bobwhites in South Texas

Author(s): D. Abraham Woodard, Leonard A. Brennan, Fidel Hernández, Humberto L. Perotto-Baldivieso, Neal Wilkins, and Andrea Montalvo
Published: August 2022

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The current harvest rate recommendation for northern bobwhites (Colinus virginianus; hereafter, bobwhite) in South Texas, USA is 20% of the autumn population, including crippling loss. This recommendation is based on population simulations of empirical data. We completed the first field evaluation of the 20% harvest recommendation by comparing prehunting and posthunting bobwhite density estimates on a hunted and nonhunted site in South Texas during the 2018–2019, 2019–2020, and 2020–2021 statewide bobwhite hunting seasons in Jim Hogg County, Texas.

Suggested Citation

Woodard, D. A., L. A. Brennan, F. Hernández, H. L. Perotto-Baldivieso, N. Wilkins, and A. Montalvo. 2022. Evaluating the harvest rate recommendation for northern bobwhites in South Texas. National Quail Symposium Proceedings 9:225–243. https://doi.org/10.7290/nqsp09fGm6

Sustainable Harvest and Management of Northern Bobwhites