Monitoring Occupancy of Bats with Acoustic Data: Power and Sample Size Recommendations

Author(s): Jeremy A. Baumgardt, Michael L. Morrison, Leonard A. Brennan, Helen T. Davis, Rachel R. Fern, Joseph M. Szewczak, and Tyler A. Campbell
Published: March 2022

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Bats are difficult to study due to their nocturnal, cryptic, and highly vagile nature. Ongoing advances in acoustic recording hardware and call classification software have made species detection and activity monitoring more feasible. Our objectives were to determine the effort necessary to monitor bat assemblages using an occupancy framework and acoustic data and to provide guidelines for researchers interested in developing similar monitoring programs.

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Baumgardt, J. A., M. L. Morrison, L. A. Brennan, H. T. Davis, R. R. Fern, J. M. Szewczak, and T. A. Campbell. 2022. Monitoring occupancy of bats with acoustic data: power and sample size recommendations. Western North American Naturalist, 82:1.

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