Ocelots in the Moonlight: Influence of Lunar Phase on Habitat Selection and Movement of Two Sympatric Species

Author(s): Maksim Sergeyev, Jason V. Lombardi, Michael E. Tewes, Tyler A. Campbell
Published: December 2023

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Various landscape and environmental factors influence animal movement and habitat selection.
Lunar illumination affects nocturnal visual perception of many species and, consequently, may influence animal activity and habitat selection.

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Sergeyev, M., J.V. Lombardi, M.E. Tewes, and T.A. Campbell. 2023. Ocelots in the moonlight: Influence of lunar phase on habitat selection and movement of two sympatric species. PLoS ONE 18:e0286393. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0286393 (East Foundation Manuscript 098)

Ocelot Conservation